A Hymn for the Hurting

My beautiful friend Rachel was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. We graduated from high school together and have known each other since fourth grade… cancer didn’t seem like a possibility. Two of my closest friends lost their mothers to cancer, but this was my first close contact with someone my own age facing this struggle. This prayer was written for her.

May the God who put on human flesh walk with you today.
May the one who tasted weakness give you strength.
May the faithful Son deliver you from fear and give you grace.
May you rest beneath the shadow of his wings.

May the King who formed the universe remind you of his care.
May the Father keep you safely in his hands.
May you trust his sovereign power over every cross you bear.
May the one who holds the heavens help you stand.

May the Counselor give wisdom, peace, and patience for the fight.
May the Intercessor cry out when you weep.
May the Spirit fill you day by day with heaven’s holy light.
May the Comforter give rest when pain runs deep.

Almighty God who holds us fast
Our Father, Spirit, Son
Embrace us with your presence here
O gracious Three-in-One


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