What I’m learning – January 2016

  1. I may be smarter than a fifth grader, but I’m not as stubborn as a four-year-old. I’m just not, y’all. I want to be. But it’s so much easier not to fight sometimes. Taking the easy road just seems like what I have to do to survive. It’s definitely not always the way it goes – she still gets told “No” a lot more than she would choose. But does she get away with things that my oldest never would have even tried? Probably.
  2. Ten years is a long time. My oldest hit double-digits this week. He is getting so stinking big. Luckily not literally stinking yet. But he’s getting way too close to junior high for my comfort. But that also means I’ve been doing this stay-at-home-mom gig for a decade. And I still have two littles at home. I can remember one of my best friends and her husband once complaining about how her little sisters get away with doing so much that would have never been allowed when she was younger. Today I realized that her mom had stayed home with littles for 20+ years. So by the time the youngest two were in junior high, of course she was done! I’ve definitely been striving to balance contentment in my current season with prayer and preparation for the next one.
  3. If Disney Junior gets turned on before lunchtime, I always regret it. I usually let Noah watch Thomas while they eat lunch, then Shelby watches her choice while I lay him down for his nap. Then it’s done. But every once in a while, for any number of reasons, the shows get turned on… and it’s just.so.hard to turn it off. It’s always the begging for “just one more” and feeling like I’m more productive. Plus they aren’t making any messes while the television is entertaining them. But I really don’t want to be that mom. So it’s a good day if we all make it to lunchtime.